Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Brain-Dead Culture - Ode to Joey

Our culture is brain-dead. Yes there is entertainment, a great deal of it, in film, music, art, literature; but that's because culture is human, and humans have talent, and the best of the human herd are taken to the front of the pack and yoked together to be set up as our idols in the progressive march "forward".

So show us the way Jay-z and Beyoncé.

Wasn't it Joseph Stalin who proclaimed that if he could rule Hollywood he could rule the world? So that's what we want, 20 million dead in your gulags? In your prison camps? In your beloved Siberia? Is that what we want? Your camps Joey, weren't they for the non-conformists, the freedom-loving, and generally all who failed to march to your progressive drum-beat? Oh how you could not tolerate the tolerant!

But we know who your war was really against. You hated God more than anything else didn't you Joey? Because you weren't Him. Oh how you wanted to be Him, but you died didn't you Joey and God didn't, so you're mad. If we could peel back your grave, we'd find your angry face, your paranoid eyes, your clenched fist staring back at us, wouldn't we Joey? But beyond us, toward the God who sits in the heavens, right Joey? While you are in the grave - the man of "steel", rusting like an axe.

Just like all the progressives - they are mad because God is alive, and you just can't seem to kill Him - not with your talent, your sway, your swagger, your money or your fame.

In the meantime, we'll appreciate the music, art, literature, the culture of our shared humanness. But we'll feel your pulse and hope for the best, knowing all the while our culture is still brain-dead. And God is still alive.

Sorry Jay-z, Beyoncé, Joey.

In the end, you lose.

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  1. Good analysis on that mega-Marxist Stalin!