Monday, January 14, 2013

Gotcha! The Sneaky Little Surprise Behind Political Correctness

The PC movement thinks it is riding a trending cultural wave of transformational dominance and restructuring when, by it's media-driven power, it makes acceptable what has hitherto been unacceptable in terms of societal norms.

But there's a problem. Their movement lacks the novelty and chic-ness they thought it had. Someone already described their practice and mindset long, long ago depicting the PC movement of every generation in these words: "...they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them." (Romans 1:32). Paul is referring to a collectivized approbation of once-forbidden moral behavior. Culture thinks it's "cool", God saw it coming.

In the larger context of these words is a sad picture of what happens in any society that seeks to throw God "under the buss". There is always a downward spiral of public and societal moral degeneration. But along with that degeneration, is also the swelling cultural perspective of what has become known as "Political Correctness". It is the collective approval of the newly adopted moral norms of a culture in combination with a collective public disapproval of those who differ with them or who retain a God-reflected moral compass.

Recently as I sat in a public waiting area with the ubiquitous raised corner television blaring its mid-day litany of PC noise into the atmosphere it gave me reason to pause and reflect upon that ancient statement, "...they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them." Something seemed ironically familiar.

The host who was gay was bantering and making light about the subject of dating and from time to time he would make a comment about his open gayness. But whenever he did it raised a loud and large applause from the audience. Now I know without a doubt that the entire audience was not, nor could have been made up of entirely homosexual men and women.

But as the camera panned the audience there were virtually no faces that appeared to be uncomfortable or even a little shamed or embarrassed either about the gay comments or in the obvious pride in which they were spoken. They all seemed to be programed in sync with the fact that regret, nor embarrassment, nor any moral hesitation whatsoever was to be expressed in any way over his "gay pride".

The truth is however, there were those who showed or at least felt some moral disdain inside. They just refused to show it outside and risk offending the cresting wave of political correctness that was washing over the audience. If given the opportunity to consider even the rudimentary actions involved in an actual homosexual sexual event, many would recoil in horror. But no horror or shame showed on this day. Political Correctness has shut them down in fear, in a way that would have never happened just twenty or thirty years ago.

But all the PC in the world will never erase the fact that someone, long, long ago saw this movement, pulled open the curtain and surprise, surprise, (!) revealed the folly and the sadness of a culture that "not only does them but gives approval to those who practice them..."

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